Letter from Amber Batts from prison

Amber Batts

Amber Batts

Before Amber was sentenced I told her I would post messages for her on the solidarity site.

Here is Amber’s first letter:

I have lost much through this ordeal, but the one thing I cannot ever replace is time.
I am missing my daughter starting high school, my sons first playing a theater gig, and my husband as he struggles along trying to keep our home afloat.

Time is one thing I count, with a heavy heart.
I count the days I have been here: 55 days, almost 8 weeks.

I count the hugs I’ve been able to give my daughter (6), one at the start of our visit and one at the end. My husband: 2 hugs (DOC red tape on him visiting me) and my son: 0.

I am serving five years flat.
My release date is May 28, 2018.

I may be able to go home an electronic monitoring before that. I spend my days working in the education department and helping women get their GED, rather than helping my daughter with her high school homework.

I read books and the paper.
I read the review of my sons play and saw his picture there.

I am away and unable to call my family or friends unless there is an expensive phone account set up and prepaid. I call my husband, my daughter and her friend who is like a sister to me.

I ran an escort agency.
I’m sure you’ve already read more about that, but I was more than that person.

I was a mom and a friend.
I paid my bills, my taxes, I was a wife, I had hobbies like juicing vegetables and fruits, subjecting my family to meals with tofu in them.
I was an avid ‘couponer’.

I appreciate the opportunity to share this and will share more.

Letters are welcome, as are softcover books, although they must be sent via a third-party vendor like Amazon. I will continue to have hope as I live what feels like a surreal nightmare at times.

Thank you,
Amber Batts

Amber was sentenced the same day as a woman from her same region, who ran over a guy with her vehicle, killing him and leaving the scene. That woman got two years and didn’t have to go to prison in the end.

Obviously killing another human being is less of an offense than acting as an agent and safety screener for consenting adults involved in consensual sexual commerce.

Sending letters, money orders & books:
As far as sending books I was told they need to be sent directly from a seller such as Amazon. Inmates cannot receive adult materials and stories (No 50 shades of gray she said LOL).

Always keep in mind that prison staff reads all correspondence.
Nothing is private for an inmate.

Amber can receive money orders up to $500.

ANY amount is very appreciated!

Books (directly from seller), Letters (Containing no contraband of any kind), and MONEY ORDERS (NO CASH) can be sent to:

Amber Batts #322410
Hiland Mountain Correctional Center
9101 Hesterberg Road
Eagle River, Alaska

Every day there are more casualties in the war against prostitution. Please support the ESPLERP legal challenge. To do so, you are supporting putting an end to the damage being perpetrated upon erotic service providers and the people who work with them and for them as support staff, and most importantly their families. This damage is perpetrated through the criminalization of consensual sexual commerce which is not trafficking by any stretch.

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