Kamylla responds to all who are helping: THANK YOU

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Transcribed by Elle

Kamylla’s story is here if you are not up to date.

A message from Kamylla:

Thank you so much everybody!

When the fundraising started I was terrified that my family was going to be homeless. With the funds you have donated we were able to pay the rent and the late fees, and to catch up with the utilities. We now have food. It has helped so much!

I never dreamed this would happen. It was not my intention to bother people, to be out in the media like this, none of that, I was just a woman in a very bad spot trying to feed my family and keep us in our home, I was just: lost.

I am not a beggar. I was trying to find work and doing all I could to keep my family in our home. I was doing what I was doing to save my family from being homeless. I only did the show because I wanted to help my family. I believed the show was going to help me to help myself. They promised me a job. I trusted the people at the show 8 Minutes but they put me in a much worse situation than I was in before. They promised so much and then did nothing like they promised. I was trying to find work I was just in a bad spot and afraid for my family to be homeless.

Since filming the show I have had a number of moments that my heart and mind was opened that I want to share.

The first is when I was inside the jail after my arrest.

I had never been arrested before, I was so ashamed and felt terrified like my life was crashing down. The other women in the jail who had been arrested like me stood around me in a circle, they prayed for me, they tried to get their money for my bail. They used their phone credits to help me reach my husband because I had nothing and no way to reach anyone. I did not ask for their help, they just did it. They saw me crying. They responded.

I never had to ask the sex workers. I was terrified. The sex workers warmed my heart.

The second time is when I connected with the sex worker community online. First I met Matisse and it was Matisse who suggested to me to set up a fund and she made the first donation and asked her people to help. Then I met Elle which is my angel and my warrior, my voice. Then Tara, Megs, Ariana, and all of the many people who gave to help me and the anonymous people too.

It warms my heart!

I am thankful to the nice media professionals who wrote and also protected my identity and respected my boundaries instead of running with a story. Alana Massey, Mary Emily O’hara, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Ariane Lange from buzzfeed Tara Burns. These people spoke to me and represented me accurately.

I amazed at how this has happened. Before the show was on the air I was trying to reach out to the producer of the show telling him: had his show fulfilled their promises I would not have been in the worse situation. The producer and so many others kept passing me around and were not helping. The volunteers at the local organizations, the Pastor, the producers, no one helped. Some of these people were even telling me to be quiet and to not speak out about what the show had done.

It was the sex worker activist community and their allies who ARE helping.

I still have not found a job. I don’t know what tomorrow is going to be. The emergency has passed for now, but the problems are still here.

Sometimes I close my eyes and think of all of the people who have and are supporting me. I ask God to protect everyone.

I am still tangled in a legal mess. I still need funds for a lawyer. I want a job. Rent is paid until June but what about after that? I sent two of my children to a relative because of the housing emergency. I want my kids back with me. I still can’t have that because of the current mess.

There is still so much to deal with, but I don’t know where I would be (on the street) had people not helped as they have. It means so much!

I just want everyone to know how grateful I am. please forgive me if I have forgotten someone.

We can prevent the damage arrest causes by decriminalizing consensual erotic services. You can support this effort by supporting the US based case to decriminalize. DECRIMINALIZE CONSENSUAL ADULT EROTIC SERVICES!

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