Not to be forgotten! Amber Batts – Writing letters, sending books, sending funds….



Anyone who has experience with the prison system understands how powerless and alone a person can feel while in prison.

On August 17th Amber Batts was sentenced to five and a half years prison term. She is now separated from both her children.

Before her sentencing I asked Amber if I could post the following information so that anyone who felt compelled to send her letters and books could so so. Books and various reading materials are very welcome and help to pass the time.

Knowing that you are not forgotten is very important.

ANY amount is very appreciated!

Books (directly from seller), Letters (Containing no contraband of any kind), and MONEY ORDERS (NO CASH) can be sent to:

As of ground hog day Amber is in a new facility where she has more privacy (letters get to her unopened) and she can receive stamps, letters, magazines, books and gift cards. To write her send correspondence to:

Amber Batts
835 D Street
Anchorage AK

For more info on this recent development read here: AMBER BATTS UPDATE 3/9/16

Hopefully Amber will be able to finish her sentence at home so she can be with her family. She is in the process of trying to make this happen.

Amber loves reading Neil Gaiman books and illustrated stories such as these.


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