This website is a response to a particular awful situation, but it is by far an isolated incident sadly. Kamylla’s situation echoes the circumstances of many who have come into contact with faith based ‘rescuers’.


Many people spoke out and stood against the 8 Minutes production, including organizations which themselves seek to assist sex workers after arrest or those who want to provide options and assistance to get out of sex work. TOGETHER, people from various communities took a stand, people from amongst the sex worker community as well as people outside of the sex worker community.

When the show was taken off the air this was indeed a victory, however the damage being perpetrated by the faith based ‘rescue industry’ and its anti-prostitution narrative continues unabated.

We want the arrests to stop. We want the subsequent harm and damage caused by arrest to stop. We want the arrest of victims of trafficking to stop. We want the arrests of adult consensual sex workers and ‘situational’ or ‘survival’ sex workers to stop!

We want the damage to stop!

Kamylla’s story and the circumstances surrounding the 8 Minutes production actually highlights the lack of resources available throughout the entire ‘rescue industry’. This is how 8 Minutes becomes the perfect allegory for the ‘rescue industry’. There is a great deal of talk regarding resources and the restoration of lives- but when you look beyond the narratives ideologies and rhetoric, you find lots of empty promises and many lives which have been further destabilized and made impossible by the oppressive, punitive and shaming methodology of the so called ‘rescue industry’.

We think this is because the foundation of the ‘rescue industry’ is based in the flawed idea that you can ‘abolish prostitution’ instead of being based in ideas around ‘abolishing poverty’ for instance.

Perhaps this situation presents us with a long overdue opportunity for bridges to be built, alliances to be formed and for much needed discussion between people who are normally on opposite sides of various related issues.

There is no simple solution. These are complex issues. Therefore we must do our due diligence to develop strategies which truly empower people without causing additional harm and without burdening people further.

SOLIDARITY: unity that produces or is based on a community of interests, objectives, and standards.

Would you like to get involved?

Would you like to find out more about decriminalization and how it would serve to establish much needed harm reduction? Would you like to help the ladies impacted by 8 Minutes or the ‘rescue industry’ it represents?

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We can prevent the damage arrest causes by decriminalizing consensual erotic services. You can support this effort by supporting the US based case to decriminalize. DECRIMINALIZE CONSENSUAL ADULT EROTIC SERVICES!

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