Amber Batts update March 9th, 2016 Moved to new facility!

Amber Batts has been relocated to the Glenwood Center in Anchorage Alaska for Furlough.

The address is:

Amber Batts
835 D Street
Anchorage AK

She was moved there on 2/2/2016, Ground Hog Day, and is expected to remain there until her release on 5/27/2018. Currently, she has contacted EM and they have notified her that because she was able to go on Furlough she would be eligible to go on EM (EM: electric monitoring and allows you to be at home to serve out your sentence. This would allow Amber to be with her family).

She can receive letters that are unopened and unread by staff! and other things in the mail: stamps, cards, magazines, books, and gift cards.

This was received from her to share:

Hello everyone!
I am halfway in society! Yay! I am closer to home and my kids are able to visit for longer than an hour. When my daughter comes to visit our favorite thing to do is play Uno. Things are looking pretty positive, it seems that I have a job at Denny’s, but because of the red tape at the halfway house there are a few things my prospective employer has to do before I can get a “work card”.
I am staying positive and writing still, and I will write to anyone who writes me, so please continue to reach out. I have been so blessed and lucky with support from everyone – I know that this is just another step closer to home, and I am finding myself still in a daze from everything that has happened since July 9, 2014.

Some updates: I still have my home, I am in discussion with EM (going home and serving my time) and I finally filed for divorce from the husband, who I haven’t heard from since October.

Wish me luck, write me, and please share the blog and this crazy mess that Alaska feels is necessary to put me and my family through, as they whine about being broke.

Thank you!
Amber Batts

Amber Batts

Amber Batts

Thanks to those who have supported Amber thus far!

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